Basic Law

Article I: The Syndicate was established in Lebanon by virtue of decree numbered 1/132 on March 10, 1995 under the name “Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate”

Article II: Location

The head office of the Syndicate is in Beirut- Lebanon. However to facilitate the Syndicate’s actions, the establishment of branches in Provinces may be adopted with the approval of two-thirds of the members of the Executive Board.

Article III: Objectives of the Syndicate

The Syndicate aims to:

  1. Protect and promote the profession, ?? it, defend its interests and work on its progress and development in all economic, industrial and commercial aspects. And in this field, it may issue publications and magazines concerned with the news of the profession, locally and globally.
  2. Protect the interests of the Syndicate’s members and defend their rights, in addition to working to improve their social, health, cultural, financial and vocational standards and conditions according to the laws and regulations in force.
  3. Create athletic, social and cooperative projects for the Syndicate’s members, according to the applicable regulations.
  4. Strengthen cooperation between employers and employees, find ties of mutual understanding and serious pursuit to amicably resolve differences that may arise between them using negotiation methods set forth in the applicable laws.
  5. Provide professional and financial assistance to its members, within its available resources.

Article IV: The Syndicate shall not deal in politics, and participate in meetings or demonstrations of a political nature; also members are prohibited from discussing any subject of partisan, sectarian or political nature in any meeting of the Syndicate.

Article V: The Syndicate members shall not express their intellectual and ideological principles and liberties in any of the Syndicate’s meetings and each member shall be known in the Syndicate by his union status.