About Us

On the 10th of April 1995, as a result of the diligent efforts Lead by Mr. Samir Syriani and a group of colleagues, the Ministry of Labor issued the decree nr 132/1 which officially established .

The Lebanese Forwarding Syndicate (LFS) . At that time, the Syndicate consisted of 16 companies and an elected board of 6 members. Today, the Syndicate includes 160 members representing the leading international air, land, and sea freight forwarding companies in Lebanon, who are legally licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Transport. The Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate (LFS) is also the representative of the international Federation of Freight Forwarding Association (FIATA) in Lebanon.

Since the start of LFS, the members of the elected board have sought to improve and organize the sector, preserving the interests of the members benefiting them, protecting their rights and passing laws to improve their business.

Samir Syriani – Founder