We have the pleasure to announce a new release of LFS Website as source of reference for all those who are specialized in Freight Forwarding and acting as reference for the transport Industry and to those who are interested in forwarding profession , in fulfillment of the idea that has been on mind of many industry members , besides the fact of a specialized website for the urgent necessity of its availability that has been emphasized by a large number of business players in Lebanon and abroad

Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate goal is to raise freight forwarding professional standards while working on its improvement and development within its domain sharing business and economic domains while maintaining the interests and rights of its members.

Being highly aware of the importance of forwarding profession , LFS took into consideration all issues as true as possible to negate all doubts and misunderstanding with concerned partners.

In this site there is a lot of information that will be on constant updating for the mutual benefit of all parties involved, especially all sectors related to forwarding business including all transport issues and practices , general cargo related information and all international Cargo business highlights & trading activities.

Again , we thank all who have contributed to this achievement , hoping that we have satisfied Syndicate’s Members wishes and hope to fulfill further achievements.

Samir Syriani



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