The commercial activity of transporting goods to customers

Based on the customers growing business requirements for a high quality Freight & Logistics Services ,the Freight Forwarders are competing to provide their customers with the best remarkable multi services through One Stop Shop under whole modern Transportation & Logistics umbrella consisting the following services:

Total Transportation & Logistics Solutions

1. Courier
2. Freight
3. Customs Clearance
4. Warehousing and Supply Chain Management

1. Courier Product

Global Courier & Express companies are specialized in delivering the documents and small packages from door to door in a quick manner with a very short limited delivery time with certain weight and size limitations per each package as well there are some commodities not allowed for carriage according to the Carriers or Governments parties regulations.

2. Freight

All heavy and bulk loads of all commodities that are not accepted by Courier service , can be shipped through Freight service.
Transportation Transit time is typically longer than Courier service, however, Freight services are more cost effective.
Weight and Volume limitation of each parcel is subject to the Carrier’s Transportation Tool’s capacity and ability.

3. Customs Clearance

According to worldwide governments rules, it is obligatory for all International Freight Shipments to pass the Export and Import Customs Clearance procedures and pay the Customs duties and other related taxes , so it will be permitted to enter its destination country.
The Customs Duty is an additional revenue source for the country and also protects the local manufacturers from the foreign products competition.

4. Warehousing & Supply Chain Management.

The freight forwarder relieves the clients from the burden of storing the products by providing the modern and comprehensive warehousing services.
The Warehouse Management Systems is with a commercial building destined to store the shipments or products safely in a good condition and to reroute the shipments to a different channel in the network to the targeted destinations and the end users.
The big commercial organizations by using the warehouses of the forwarders agents in the normal storage areas or in the Free Zones areas with its advanced and developed facilities of modern Warehouse Management Systems and their well-trained manpower, inventory, tracking system and the huge space in theses warehouses, they will get a big benefits and competitive edge to reduce their overheads cost and keep them updated 24/7 with their merchandise stock status.

Moreover, clients will receive the special privilege of reduced customs duty assigned amounts and a grace period to pay the customs duty and monitor their cash flow and safe the assigned customs duty amounts when using the freight forwarder agents warehouses in the Free Zones and Bonded areas.

Freight Concept

The Freight concept for the three modes of transportation: Land, Sea & Air is one same concept.
Freight is a non-tangible product as it is a service oriented and an inevitable part of the day to day business activities also very essential for the worldwide society members in all their living aspects.
Historically, Transportation started with using animals and simple tools for carrying goods on roads from a place to another, later on the small boats were used to move goods through internal lakes and rivers.
Over the years and with the industry progress, transportation industries had been developed till reached to the invention of the current modern facilities and tools of Land trucks & trains, Sea & Ocean Vessels and Aircrafts in the sky.