أقامت النقابة دورة تدريبية للمواد الخطرة والمشعة بالتنسيق مع منظمة الأياتا العالمية ، ولقد فاز في هذه الدورة 8 طلاب من   أصل 9 طلاب بدرجة تفوق DGR Course

وبتاريخ 7/3/2018 تم توزيع الشهادات على الطلاب الفائزين في مركز النقابة وأثنت النقابة على الجهود التي بذلها الطلاب للحصول على درجة التفوق.

The Lebanese forwarders syndicate organized a training course titled “IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations” in cooperation with Sidani Training Center for three full months starting August 2017 and ending October 2017. The trainees were employees and managers at the syndicate-affiliate Forwarding companies.

After executing the IATA official exam at the American University of Beirut, great results were achieved as follows:

  • RashadWehbe, Distinction (average above 95%), and Best Performance Recognition in Lebanon (highest average in Lebanon)
  • Katia Chediak, Distinction (average above 90%)
  • Elise Felfleh, Distinction (average above 90%)
  • Maria el Eid, Very Good (average above 80%)
  • ChristelSheaib, Distinction (average above 90%)
  • Mohamed Ali Haidar, Very Good (average above 80%)
  • MazenFoani, Very Good (average above 80%)

On March 7, 2018 the Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate honored the students at the syndicate’s premises in the presence of the Vice President / Secretary  Mr. Samir Syriani, and the DGR instructor Mr. Omar Abi Farraj.


We are pleased to announce that Mr. RashadWehbe has passed the IATA DGR(Dangerous Goods Regulations)official exam with Distinction & Best Performance Recognitionin Lebanon after executing a training session at the Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate premises with the cooperation of Sidani Training Center.

Mr. Wehbe  expresses his appreciation and gratitude to the Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate and the course instructor Mr. Omar Abi Farraj for this professional contribution and achievement.


يسر نقابة وسطاء النقل أن تعلمكم بأن السيد رشاد وهبي قد أجرى امتحان مادة المواد الخطرة والمشعة لمنظمة الأياتا العالميةوحصل على درجتي الامتياز وأفضل أداء في لبنان بعد ان أجرى دورة تدريبية في نقابة وسطاء النقل بالتعاون مع مركز صيداني للتدريب المهني.

ان السيد وهبة يشكرنقابة وسطاء النقل على جهودها الداعمة لوسيط النقل في لبنان ويقدر حرفية ومهنية استاذ مادة المواد الخطرة والمشعة السيد عمر ابي فراج.


Further to the Certificate of Honor received from your Syndicate last week as an outcome of the IATA training, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your continuous support and guidance which is, at the same time, valuable and helpful for us as youth to build our career and serve our fields and discipline. Also I would like to thank Mr. Omar Abi Farraj for his professionalism which supported me to make this achievement.

Sincerely Yours,

Rashad Wehbe

Dear Rashad Wehbeh,

We are pleased to announce your successful completion of the Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) – Initial course during the exam session: Lebanon, December 2017.

Your exam result is: Passed with Distinction

Your course certificate will be sent to you by post in the coming weeks.

Best wishes for continued success in your career.

IATA Training team