LFS – 5th Annual Convention


Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate has held its 5th Annual Convention on 16/12/2014 under the theme:

The main issue of the Convention was to shed light on all problems and obstacles which detain Forwarding Business from handling it properly, at the same time to find the right solutions that would facilitate by tackling all problems to put them in their appropriate frame through cooperation with concerned government & private sectors.

However, the Convention have had a positive impact as stated by all participants, specially those of government officials who practically shared with us this Convention, agreed on one main issue, as to how airlines, sea shipping companies, forwarders can cooperate with government bodies to improve performance & requirements criteria to facilitate forwarding process.
The following participants who shared with us this criteria are:

  • Customs Supreme Council
  • Lebanese Customs Authorities at Beirut & Tripoli port & Airport.
  • Ministry of Public Works & Transport
  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Airport Management
  • Airlines
  • International Organizations i.e IATA , FIATA , ICC etc…
  • Other Syndicates’ Officials
  • Banks
  • Armed Forces, Interior Security, Officials, besides other many officials from government and private businesses
  • Mr. Murad El-Khatib, official IATA representative
  • Bank Beirut, represented by Mr. Bassam Lteif
  • Bank Beirut Director who has elaborated on some financial facilities offered to people in the shipping & forwarding sectors, Saving a lot of time and shorting transactions processing & charges
  • Total Lubmarine

Hence, the results for Syndicate were insufficient, thus, syndicate immediately formed the required committee to follow on the legitimate considerations & proper recommendations that were declared in the Convention, in order to formulate the special code & legislations to reserve forwarders’ rights and transport business in general, and by doing so, Syndicates rights were automatically vindicated, reserved & safeguarded, in other words, secured and maintained.


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